Thursday, September 14, 2006


I subscribe to a listserv called Good Work, which emails job opportunities "in environment, sustainable living, organics, peace and related themes".

Here's a recent posting I thought worth repeating:

Position: Change Organizer/Networker/Catalyst
Organization: you, together with other individuals, groups & organizations
Location: your city, province or state
Apply to: yourself, your friends, local groups, your community

"A five-day march by hundreds of Vermonters calling
for real action to address the climate crisis... Bill
McKibben, who trekked all 50 miles, reports that the
event changed Vermont politics -- and made him feel more
hopeful than he has in nearly 20 years of climate activism."

Full story from Grist magazine

Bill McKibben is the author of The End of Nature (which was recently re-printed, and I am currently reading). His story of this march is very inspiring. If the Tories don't come up with something worthwhile soon, I think we should all march to Ottawa! Anybody else up for a trip???

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