Thursday, September 14, 2006

11 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming - Part 2

My recent post was very Ontario-centric, so here are some links to information in the rest of Canada. If I've missed any good links, please let me know!

1. Change to accredited Green Power option

Pollution Probe has a listing of how to buy green power across Canada!

2. Install energy-efficient hot water system and 3. Install solar panels

The Canadian Solar Industries Association has a list of rebates/subsidies for solar thermal and solar electric installations by province/region.

On this site it mentions that if you happen to be a customer of Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, you may even be eligible for a grant to install a solar hot water heater!

7. Check fuel efficiency of next car

Here's a listing of fuel-efficient cars in Canada, including the EnerGuide winners.

According to this article, Quebec, PEI, and BC also offer sales tax rebates on hybrid cars. Note, however, that you may not get the full amount of the rebate, depending on how you've purchased the car, and how much sales tax you paid.

BC: Here's a link to the rebate form (PDF)
Quebec: Link to more info
PEI: Here's a link to the rebate form (PDF)

8. Walk, cycle or take public transport

More information from the Sierra Club of Canada

10. Suggest a workplace audit

Some ideas from Green Learning

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see the Canada-wide list. For inspirational news about commuting alternatives across the country, see also the Commuter Challenge web site.

(And at the risk of adding yet another Ontario-specific link :-) here's a great Carpooling site: Smart Commute.)