Sunday, September 24, 2006

How much electricity do you use?

At our house, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce our electricity consumption. Our average electricity use for this year is around 470 kWh/month. Given that the average household in Ontario uses 1000 kWh/month, it's not too bad. But I'm sure there's more we can do, if we work at it.

And now that we've signed up for Bullfrog Power, we have an extra incentive to reduce our consumption (because the rate per kWh is a bit higher than with Oakville Hydro).

There's a new program in Ontario put on by the Conservation Council of Ontario called Lighten Up Ontario. You can enter your current electricity usage and pledge the actions that you'll take to reduce it. For example, you could save 30 kWh/month by switching your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents. They have a great list of tips and links.

It's one way to keep on thinking about conserving, and how we can turn ourselves into a conserver- rather than a consumer-society.

But, I really signed up so that I could use this photo of Colin Mochrie ;-)

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Anonymous said...

we hav to work hard on trying to make sure we all do are part to in saving energy