Friday, September 29, 2006

The Amazing Disappearing - Reappearing Minister

When the intrepid Ms. Ambrose turned up missing following the release of the Environment Commissioner's report, I started to get worried. Even Treasury Board President John Baird didn't seem to know where she was.

With still no sign of her this morning, I was just about to call those nice, friendly FBI agents from the CBS show Without a Trace, when I heard a report on the CBC's The Current that she had been located. Nothing to worry about - she was only visiting her friends on the oil patch. Whew! Too bad that she didn't have time to answer questions from the pesky reporters, and had to slip out the back!

And now she's been spotted giving an interview on CTV's Mike Duffy show. However, something seems different - like she's changed...

"The time of politely asking industry to do the right thing is over," Ambrose said Friday during an interview on CTV's Mike Duffy Live. "We need national standards."

Something's wrong here. Has somebody kidnapped the real Rona and replaced her with somebody who actually has a clue? Or is it all a cruel hoax?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode right here on "As the World Burns".

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