Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Proposed Election Ad: Harper - Not a Leader on Climate Change - Not Worth Risk of 4 More Years

I got sick and tired of Conservative attack ads against Dion. Then I realized that they could be turned right around to point at Harper as the non-leader, especially on climate change. I have not figured out how to make snazzy videos for YouTube with sound and animation yet. But I wanted to post the "storyboard" at least, so here's a simple "slide show" version:

Stephen Harper - Not a Leader on Climate Change - Not Worth the Risk of 4 More Years - Upload a Document to Scribd

Note: this is released under a Creative Commons "Attribution, No Derivatives" license, to avoid this being abused as a "template" for causes that I would not support. If you would like to develop this ad further (e.g. add sound, animation, better content and linking), while preserving its original spirit and intent, please leave me a comment on this blog with your contact info. I will not publish this type of comment unless you consent.

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