Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Here's a modest proposal: Grit-NDP-Green-Bloc accord

From a column by Judy Rebick in the Globe and Mail: Here's a modest proposal: Grit-NDP-Green-Bloc accord:
"If Canada had a democratic electoral system and the polls are right, next week we'd have a majority government that supports strong action on climate change; government intervention to create jobs and defend ordinary Canadians against the impact of the global economic crisis; an end to the war in Afghanistan; public support for the arts; implementation of at least the Kelowna Accord to raise the standard of living for aboriginal people; and a national child-care program that includes the creation of thousands of new child-care spaces. In the latest polls, the parties that agree on these policies have the support of more than two-thirds of Canadians. Yet my morning paper is still talking about how the Harper Conservatives may still craft a majority."

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