Sunday, September 14, 2008

"...a real but mild softening of Conservative support"

Hat tip to Impolitical for pointing out another sign of hope, this time from a dissenting pollster:
"Based on a total sample of 4,975 cases allocated over the period Monday to Thursday of this week, our nightly tracking has shown Tory support drop from 39 per cent on Monday to 34 per cent Thursday.

"Coupled with a mild strengthening of Liberal support from 24 per cent to 27 per cent over this same period, the net effect has been to narrow a formidable 15 point advantage (which was just in majority territory) to a much more modest 7 point advantage (which places the Conservatives back into minority territory). So, we do think that there has been a real but mild softening of Conservative support."

--Frank Graves (Ekos Research)
Source, more details and pollster debate: Globe & Mail

(A dissenting pollster making a minority prediction - about a minority government? Oh, and why do I feel a bit like I'm reading a scene from Philip K. Dick's Minority Report? Are pollsters the "Precogs" of our day? Will Canada commit the "international crime" of violating the Kyoto Accord, or will the Conservative Juggernaut be stopped in time? Stay tuned!)

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