Friday, January 12, 2007

We're Finally on BullfrogPower!

The long wait is over. We are officially BullfrogPowered as of today! The computer on which I am writing this Blog entry -- and the rest of our house -- are powered by 100% renewable electricity, the "Bullfrog Mix":


So... No more worries about paying for nuclear power, coal burning or other unsustainable technologies every time we turn on the light or cook dinner!


Darren McEwen said...

I know money likely isn't the driving force behind your decision but how much do you think your bills will go up? (if at all)

I haven't heard much about this company and I'm curious.

LNeumann said...

Bullfrog Power costs 9.1 cents per kilowatt hour. Our previous provider (Oakville Hydro) costs 5.5 cents/kWh for the first 1000 kWh (the winter threshold), and 6.4 cents above the threshold.

Currently, we use about 470 kWh per month (the last time I calculated back in September), so the increase would be about $16.92/month (or 56 cents/day).

We have already decreased our electricity use from last year, so year over year, our electricity bill is probably about the same. Of course, if we can further decrease our electricity use, this will further offset the cost.

It seems worth it to us, especially as it means we don't have to finance and install our own solar panel or wind turbine.

Oakville Hydro also sells green power certificates, but you have to remember to keep on buying them. To us, it just made more sense to pay directly through our hydro bill.