Sunday, January 07, 2007

Time for a new scandal in Ottawa

According to Harper, the environment is such a big issue only because "this government has not got a daily scandal". (From an interview with CTV as reported in the Star.)

Apparently, all we need is a new juicy scandal to solve the problem of voters thinking too hard about climate change, and the Tories' stunning lack of success on the file. If they don't manage to make a deal with the NDP on the Clean Air Act soon, keep an eye the papers - I sense a scandal may be in the works.

However, the Tories seem to be scandal-deficient and may need some help. Send us your scandalous ideas, and we'll pass them on!
(Hmmm.... "Harper in bed with George Bush"? Nah, too obvious)


Steve V said...

Look for Harper to orchestrate a recession to take the heat off his environmental policies

LNeumann said...

Ha ha! Wouldn't a recession be 'convenient' about now. I'm not sure it would help Harper's election chances though.

Great analysis of Baird and Layton on your blog: John Baird: Harper's "Neutralizer"