Sunday, April 16, 2006

Climate change is not just an issue - it is THE issue

Everything I've been reading lately has me more and more convinced that climate change is real, and that we MUST do something about it. Here's a scary piece from ABC News:

"Last year the chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change said that man's carbon emissions were reaching such concentration that "immediate and very deep cuts in the pollution are needed if humanity is to survive."


And yet according to a recent poll, the majority of Canadians, while being concerned about the environment, are not concerned that Stephen Harper is in power, and even think the Tories are doing a good job!

Obviously, the message is not getting out here in Canada. I see lots of stories in American media on climate change, and relatively few Canadian stories.

And now for some better news...
On the other hand, there are lots of good-news stories happening at the local level: Halton region has a pretty good plan to improve car-pooling and transit use among it's staff members. And Toronto councillor Joe Mihevc has an interesting idea of creating small neighborhood groups of people to help each other make their homes more energy efficient! Sounds great - anybody else in!?!


Wychwood Park said...

Joe Mihevc always comes up with ideas like this.

They might actually be good but he almost never follows through.

It is as if he is only interested in trying to get into the papers.

LNeumann said...

Well, since I don't live in TO, I'm haven't kept up much with municipal politics. But I still think that the idea of promoting energy efficiency through neighborhood groups is a good one!

In fact, I recently learned about a program called Eco-action Teams (sponsored by Earth Day Canada) that is promoting a similar idea: