Thursday, April 13, 2006

Canadian gov't stiffles scientist while chopping Kyoto programs

This story says it all!

Novelist scientist silenced as Harper Tories quietly axe 15 Kyoto programs

I woke up this morning in Canada, but I feel like I'm going to bed in good-old George W. Bush country!
Apparently, government scientists are supposed to sit around doing nothing for a year while Mr. Harper figures out a way to pretend to do something about global warming. And they should certainly not be writing (and promoting) any novels!

On the other hand, maybe I should move to California. At least Arnold admits global warming is a problem and is working on a plan to address it (although maybe not fast enough)! However, moving will not get me and my family away from global warming.

If the Dutch minister of the environment is right, "we have only a few years, and not ten years but less, to do something". We can't afford to waste a year figuring out another strategy!


D. Neumann said...

I really do think that the Harper government is heading in the wrong direction in so many areas. Congratulations for creating this blog site; how can we get the message out to more people?

LNeumann said...

Here's another story on this topic: Climate change expert muzzled