Thursday, May 10, 2007

Releasing information "anti-democratic" says former bureaucrat

This quote in this Toronto Star story deserves some sort of "dumb quote of the year" award:

Canada's former top bureaucrat, Mel Cappe, said the environment minister's deputy minister deserved a medal for not accepting leaks in his department. Employees, contract or otherwise, who have access to secret information sign confidentiality agreements.

"It violates the principles of responsible democracy and good governance," said Cappe, former clerk of the Privy Council. "To allow anyone to release information is anti-democratic and it should be punished."

Mr. Cappe has a strange idea of what democracy is!

To me, the arrest of Mr. Monaghan is yet another example of Tory intimidation tactics, similar to what they did last year, when they tried to prevent a government employee from attending his own book signing.

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