Friday, April 13, 2007

"the planet does not have time for the old, tired, cynical game of politics"

I'm coming rather late to the Dion/May blogging party, but I need to say my piece...

May and Dion are absolutely right. I'm very impressed that M. Dion has taken this step to move beyond partisan politics and support Ms. May in Central Nova. In my opinion, we need more of this kind of action. We don't have time to stand around slinging mud at each other. We don't have time to wait for proportional representation.

We need a coalition of progressive, environment-aware politicians to stand together now and get things done - before time runs out. In the end, it won't matter which party they were in, or which party got the most votes or most seats, or who scored the most points in the leader's debate.

We know you can do it - look at the new Bill C-30!

Here is a quote from the Dion/May joint statement:

We have agreed that the country needs a strong signal that puts progress ahead of partisanship. To achieve Kyoto, Canada needs MPs and a government that actually understand the threat of climate change and the need for urgent action. This reality has impelled us to seek limited cooperation. While the need for cooperation may be obvious to the average Canadian, within political parties, one is not supposed to allow even limited cooperation.

We admit we are different from most adversarial, political leaders. We respect each other. We will always put the country and the planet first.

And from Elizabeth May's letter to Green Party members (thanks to Saskboy):

Today, we change the face of Canadian politics. Today we will demonstrate that the Green Party is a serious political party, running to win in ridings across Canada. We will also be making it clear that the planet does not have time for the old, tired, cynical game of politics. We do not have time for games at all. We are serious and we need to put our country and the planet first.

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I couldn't agree more!

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