Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baird's Bull Gets "Gored" -- Baird Responds by Trying to Shoot the Messenger

John Baird attacks Al Gore for calling the latest Conservative scheme
...a "complete and total fraud" that is "designed to mislead the Canadian people".
Far and Wide provides a great rebuttal to Baird's attack:
"Mr. Baird, forever the pitbull, seems to forget the historical facts of a Republican dominated Senate and House of Representatives during the Clinton years, not to mention the fact that he again looks to the past to excuse the NOW. I'm also confident that Gore knows the 'contents of our plan', so his opinion is valid. Given the fact that Baird makes it personal again, and then offers to meet with Gore, I recommend a public debate with either Gore or maybe Suzuki. Afterall, Baird should have no problem arguing the merits of the toughest climate change plan on the globe should he? I agree, these two should really meet, with the cameras rolling."
To save on travel-related carbon emissions, they should do the debate by video link from wherever they are.

Baird would still have to buy extra carbon offsets to cover his hot air. :-)

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LNeumann said...

Anonymous commenter Twelve:01 left the following comment on this post:

"Ya know, the Liberals want to make CO2 a pollutant. So I guess all of us will have to stop emitting our 'hot air'."

Actually, CEPA currently lists CO2 as a toxin. Harper's original C-30 was going to remove the list of toxins and replace them with "air pollutants" and "greenhouse gases". This was widely regarded as a bad move and likely to weaken CEPA. The new and improved C-30 removes this change from the bill.

[NOTE: The remainder of the original comment violated Blogger's content policy. Blogger doesn't allow you to edit comments, which is why I am responding this way.]