Saturday, March 24, 2007

E85 rebate slipped in at the last minute by finance

Thanks to Far and Wide for pointing out this G&M article.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's department made a last-minute change to the budget that allows cars built at the General Motors plant next to his riding to qualify for federal climate-change incentives even though environmentalists say the cars are gas guzzlers.

I wondered why they included those - there's currently only two places you can buy E85 gas in Canada - both in Ottawa! The mileage on them is not great either - 14.8/9.2 l/100km (for both models), or 12.3 using the calculation. Not anywhere close to the other cars getting rebates!

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense to buy a flex fuel vehicle in Chatham Ontario. I live and Windsor Ontario and buy my E85 in the US where it's cheaper than regular unleaded. I was in Chatham Ontario recently and made a point of finding the UPI station that sells E85. I pulled up to the pump to discover that E85 was .12/litre more expensive than regular unleaded. Considering E85 is lee efficient, you would have to be out of your mind to even fill up! By the way, Chatham has an ethanol plant.