Saturday, March 03, 2007

Canadian climate change news...

I woke up to the following news stories this morning:

Stephane Dion says carbon tax not under consideration after all (Canada Press)

A day after Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said the Liberals would consider a carbon tax, his office denied it is under consideration.

But if not a carbon tax, then what? Meanwhile, Kenneth Green, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute is quoted as saying
the best way to reduce emissions is to put a carbon tax in place. “Use some of the carbon tax revenue to pay for carbon reduction and invest it in new technologies. Use the carbon tax to offset income tax and corporate tax. Tax the bad and not the good.”

(From Kyoto Bill could have crucial impact on Nisku industrial area, CNews)

Wow - I never thought I'd be saying this, but maybe M. Dion should get together with the AEI people!

And in other news:

Report calls on Ottawa to end oil sands subsidies (CTV)

This story reports that the House of Commons natural resources committee is recommending dropping subsidies to oil sands projects, and that this is being considered for the next budget. (Hooray!)

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Dave said...

Where can one get a good comparison (benefits/disadvantages) for the carbon tax option and the solution Dion proposes?