Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Message to Ignatieff - Please Reject Harper Budget - Need Green Economic Recovery

Here is a copy of the message that I sent to Michael Ignatieff via his web site at :
"Please reject this budget because it does not meet the planet's -- and Canada's -- need for a Green Economic Recovery. Any stimulus package must focus on making our economy sustainable and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Obama gets this -- Harper does not. Global climate talks on a post-Kyoto accord are under way. Four years from now may be too late for Canada to show leadership -- we need it today! Thanks for considering my views. (These are my personal opinions as an individual citizen.)"
(The web form on the above page does not allow for longer messages, so I had no room for more details. But then, I doubt that anybody would have the time to read long messages in the next few hours :-)


One Blue Marble said...

I sent a very similar message myself.

It's time to start a letter writing campaign, methinks, starting with Liberal MPs.

ydzabelishensky said...

Thanks for your support for my view, as well as for the detailed and insightful post on this topic on your own blog. I will link to it in a post on my blog -- I hope that more people read it.