Sunday, November 30, 2008

Show Your Support for a Coalition Government

I've added a simple Blogger "poll" gadget in the top right corner of this blog to let readers stand up and be counted in favour of a coalition government to help save the economy and the environment.

It would be nice if this sort of gadget were easy to share, with anyone being able to put it on their blog or web site, and a central server keeping score of all the unique users who vote on each site. We could just make this "go viral"!

Do you know how to do this or where to look for this type of widget? Please tell me in the Comments. Thanks.


Socially Active said...

Harper is playing dirty politics and refusing the address the economic needs of Canada.

It is the responsibility of the progressive parties to bind together and help Canadians' make it through this very difficult economic time. Failing to take immediate action may plunge Canada into a much deeper recession than necessary, much like what happened in the during the Great Depression when the US did not act in a timely matter. And the lose of productive jobs cascaded into a massive lose in economic efficiency.

Harper this is NOT a Game. You can stop playing political chess now and come back to the real world.

"Had he governed with a quiet dignity and a humble sentiment, he could have been a decent prime minister. But he had chosen personal power over the welfare of Canada, and is now going to suffer for it."

ydzabelishensky said...

Thanks, Socially Active. I agree, with a proviso: the stimulus package must be the start of a New Green Deal, as recommended by the U.N. Environment Program. In the medium and long term, failing to make Canada's economy sustainable can lead to results that are just as devastating as the current crisis, if not more so.