Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Earth Set" From the Moon -- What We've Got to Lose

All we are, all we have, all the life that we know of... For a timely reminder, press Play below and wait a few seconds for the Earth to appear.

If we mess up this planet, what will we have left? The lifeless terrain rolling away from the camera at the bottom is fairly typical of the rest of the Solar System...

The original was apparently shot in HDTV by a Japanese spacecraft orbiting the Moon. I'll post a link to a full-resolution HD video file if I can find it.

More about this video, plus related videos and images:
In related news:
"Astronauts report that seeing the Earth from space creates
a powerful experience called the 'Overview Effect'

"'The Overview Effect is the experience of seeing the Earth from a distance, especially from orbit or the Moon, and realizing the inherent unity and oneness of everything on the planet. The Effect represents a shift in perception wherein the viewer moves from identification with parts of the Earth to identification with the whole system.' – Frank White, author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution."

(Source: Space Frontier Society)

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1 comment:

ydzabelishensky said...

I've found what looks like the HDTV files for "Earth Set" in the digital archives on JAXA's web site.

Of the three formats on that page (Windows Media, RealPlayer or QuickTime), only the Windows one seemed to work for me. Playing it within the Firefox browser using View > Fullscreen produced impressive results, much better than the YouTube version.

You can pause the playback to look at the continents that are visible on Earth from the Moon.

Unfortunately, the HDTV files do not seem to be embeddable for easy viewing within a blog, so please feel free to go to JAXA's site at the above link to view them.

I'd love to know what you think.